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Using our experienced PV professionals, we design custom Solar Systems built for you energy needs. 

We make this process as easy as possible for all of our customers so they can start saving with ease.

PV Solar Systems currently have a SC Tax Credit of 25% as well as a Federal Tax Credit of 30%.


With a total of 55% savings on a brand new Solar System, there is no better time than now!

Off Grid 

Are Off-Grid Systems right for you?

Did you know you can go Off-Grid no matter where you live?

Not only can you cut the cord from the utility but our Off-Grid systems also qualify for up to 55% Tax Credit from SC State and Federal!

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Emergency Power

When an emergency strikes, losing power to your home can be very stressful.


At East Coast Solar, we offer a renewable energy generator that can carry you through the outage and keep your home running until the utility gets the grid back online. 

Not only can you have renewable back up power in the case of an emergency but our generator can be utilized every day to help lower your energy costs, truly making it the system of the future!

No more fuel, no more emissions, no more headache!


Why energy efficiency products?


Homes in our area were not built with energy efficiency in mind, causing your electric bills to be much higher than they should be.


Our proven energy saving products reduce your energy bill and increase your comfort!

Buy less energy from your utility and maximize the comfort of your home!

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